The Solution To A Lukewarm Christian Life

I mentioned recently that I’ve been rereading Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love”. It’s incredible all the little things you can find when you read through a great book a second time.

Chapter 2 of Crazy Love is called “Serving Leftovers To A Holy God.” In this section he breaks down the idea of a lukewarm Christian and basically says “There’s no such thing.” As Jesus said, “I’m going to spit that person out of my mouth because that person is not a true follower of mine.”(Revelation 3)

So this whole idea of being a lukewarm Christian is really an oxymoron.

We all have plenty of things in our lives that we don’t think truly affect our Christian walk. Chan makes a good point on that here:

“Recently I saw a bag of potato chips with a bold declaration splashed across the front: “Zero grams of trans fat.” I was glad to know that I wouldn’t be consuming any trans fat, which research has shown is detrimental to my health. But then I flipped  the bag over and read the ingredients list, which included things like “yellow #6” and other artificial colors, and partially hydrogenated oil (which is trans fat , just a small enough amount that they can legally call it “0 grams”). I thought it was incredibly ironic that these chips were being advertised in a way that makes me think they are not harmful yet were really full of empty calories, weird chemicals, and, ironically, trans fat.

It struck me that many Christians flash around their “no trans fat” label, trying to convince everyone they are healthy and good. Yet they have no substantive or healthful elements to their faith. It ‘s like the Laodiceans, who thought they had everything until Christ told them they were poor and wretched. They were all about declaring, “Look, we have no trans fat. We are wealthy, or we have good families, or we go to church every week.” Obviously, it’s not what you advertise that counts; it’s what you are really made of.”

You can try to pack your life full of stuff that all looks good on the outside but what good is that? Don’t flaunt your life as not having all these “bad things” but fill it full of life and faithfulness to Him.

The solution to a lukewarm Christian life is not trying harder.

The solution is to fall madly in love with Jesus Christ.


The Gospel Pizza Delivery Man

Last Friday I started delivering for Marco’s Pizza. I’m only doing a few nights a week but I’ve already made some gnarly cash. Anybody who’s ever thought “Delivering pizza is way below me, that would be my last resort.” has never listened to Dave Ramsey. It’s quick, super easy, a lot of fun and places are almost always hiring.

Plus I get to listen to the Rangers play on the radio. This could be their year.

Recently my church hosted a missions weekend and had a young couple speak about how to evangelize in your work place and community. One of the main points that stuck out to me is to remember to view the people around you as more than just machines or landscapes. The people who bag your groceries, shop in the same stores, order your pizza are all in need of the Gospel.

I’m still in need of it. I need it every day.

Until we recognize our need for the Gospel, even as Christians, how are we to have our eyes opened to the needs of the world around us?

Every day, every transaction, every interaction is an opportunity to let His light shine into the hearts of those machines we avoid eye contact with as we stand in line among the landscape of our temporary home.

Back to the thought of “that’s way below me.”—what some see as trifling or humbling I see as opportunity. I have dozens of literal open doors every night to speak life and drop a dose of hope into their world as well as deliver some dang good cuisine.

Oh how I wish was bold enough to speak more openly when I had a stage and a crowd of people every night. Never pass up an opportunity.

Let us not grow cold to His redemptive work on the cross and fail to remember our dead bodies and hopeless spirits prior to Christ’s sacrifice and mercy on our souls.



Every metal, death metal, hair metal, metalcore, hardcore, mathcore, nintendocore, prog metal, djent, sludge, grunge, grindcore, “experimental”, screamo, “whatever-the-heck you think your band sounds Iike” band I’ve ever heard has a mosh call.

A mosh call is usually a one-liner command commonly filled with expletives that rings out over a dead silence in the middle of a song just before the big breakdown. The point of a mosh call is to amp up the crowd, causing them to come undone and tear the place to shreds. Then go buy t-shirts with said phrase printed on it in big block letters. Hey, mine did it too, minus the colorful language.

I won’t go into detail about some of the more memorable mosh calls I’ve heard but it certainly does cause a guy to wonder “what does he really mean?” Side note, I really love the bands that say something different every night to throw off their expectant fans: “Make this place look like a pile of bananas!” Chaos and confusion ensues.

Bananas? Really?

How can even a 5′ tall guy with a microphone have such a commanding presence and influence a crowd of strangers to go “bananas” and punch every living soul in the room in the back of the head? Why are they so willing to do what he says?

Why aren’t Christians as equally willing to step out and speak up in love? We know who’s talking. We know His voice. It’s a non-violent approach. It could get that way if we push the right buttons but we ought to do so anyways because the God of the universe says so. He’s not looking to sell t-shirts. He’s got one agenda: the rescue of sinners.

We are agents of the cause. We’ve got more than just a hallow one-liner to egg us on to doing something we don’t understand to hurt people we don’t know. We have the living Word of God to guide and instruct us to move our feet.

Matthew 28:19-20: Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe  all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Christ is the truth and Christ is enough. Let us be ever willing to share the truth in love.

May we be ever vigilant to share the gospel and move our feet.


P.S. As blasphemous as this may be, imagine Jesus as a front man. That would be a mosh call. He could make anything sound awesome and terrifying: “You brood of vipers!”(Matt 12:34)

What’s the best/worst mosh call you’ve ever heard?


Still one of my favorite band shirts of all time

Still one of my favorite band shirts of all time

Living Water—The Ultimate Thirst Quencher

Have you ever been truly thirsty?

I run. One of my newest hobbies is running. In jr. high and high school I ran a little bit but that was mostly to stay in shape for baseball season and I didn’t really enjoy it. Now, as an adult, I find myself getting out and hustling even harder.


I’m not playing sports; there’s not some big prize for me when I get home after a few miles except soreness, shortness of breath and dry mouth. But is that truly thirst?

Webster defines thirst as: “a feeling of needing or wanting to drink something; lack of the liquid needed to sustain life.” When I get done running I have a strong desire to cool off and soak in a tub of warm oatmeal.

Not really. That would be awesome though wouldn’t it?

The archaic verb usage of thirst also defines it as “having a strong desire for something.” That’s the same for anything you’re passionate about doing.

As I read God’s word daily the more I thirst for it. I am passionate about His truths and for His purposes. I want to make His name great.

Jesus is our living water. In John 4 he tells the woman at the well: “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.

He is the only thing that can quench what we need. He is the “liquid needed to sustain life.”

What do you thirst for?

What do you desperately need?

I pray that we all come to realize and seek out the true source of life. That source is Jesus Christ and He alone can quench your thirst.