The Coast Guard

The danger of coasting through life without paying attention to our surroundings is that we can often do a ton of unintentional damage. I learned that valuable lesson as mentioned in this video.

The other thing that happens is that we miss out on golden opportunities to shed light, give grace and spread the gospel.

When we zone out and coast on auto-pilot we often miss out on what the Lord has planned for our lives.

We all have a purpose and the tragedy is when worthless distractions pull us away from the ultimate goal: sharing the gospel of Christ in our lives.

It’s your life, you’ve got a front row seat. Don’t you wanna be apart of it?

Always be on your guard not to coast through and check out when you can be most affective for the gospel.


P.S. For your enjoyment, the greatest example of bad driving that I’ve found. I still question how this is even possible hahaha

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